You’ve invested time and money into your web site. Perhaps you see it as a key to your business success–or at least an important component.

In other parts of your business, you look for insight. What do people like? What tends to attract them? What do people seem to be looking for?

In digital, you can understand these things as well; and deploy that information to communicate with your best customers in an efficient and effective manner. But you’ll need to perform analytics tasks on your web site.

Hudson Digital provides full service digital analytics using Google Analytics and other tools as needed. You’ll get your own Google Analytics account and you’ll be able to see traffic volume, traffic patterns, campaign success for your web site and more.

Hudson Digital doesn’t just set up the analytics program and leave the rest to you. We stay with you throughout to help you evaluate the data and make decisions.

You can get digital analytics with one of our packages or as a stand-alone if you already have a sight but need insight.

Get in touch to day to find out more about customer insight with digital analytics!